About Us


Your Urban Farming Catalyst

We are the catalyst to your home farming venture. The beginning of a new venture is always intimidating - from researching and sourcing for the most suitable materials to experimenting and failing. At Catafarm, we do all of that for you. Catafarm will teach you the fundamentals of growing with an entry level DIY kit and a comprehensive tutorial video. 

"Your soil should be moist", said the instructions. What exactly is moist? Vague instructions are absolutely frustrating and we totally understand. At Catafarm, we grow using a hydroponics system, meaning no soil is involved. More importantly, we are precise with our instructions because we know that with every new venture, accurate information is appreciated. 

All you need to do to grow with Catafarm is to:

1. Order the Catakit

2. Watch the tutorial videos

3. Start growing

And you will be a confident home grower in no time!