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They are no longer just items on the supermarket shelf

I was surprised by how fuss-free the process was, super low maintenance, I love it! I was also surprised at how fast they grew. One day I checked on them they were still little shoots and suddenly it was like they hit a growth spurt and lots of branches appeared.


I was amazed by the magic of sunlight. One move and it really came alive in the matter of hours.


I was surprised by the fact that the roots would grow so long (until it is submerged in the trough of water) but somehow it's so smart it doesn't over drink. For the traditional soil method, sometimes the plants die because we over watered, and other times are when we under watered. Hydroponics is not only low maintenance because there is no need to water it every day and it doesn't die, well as long as it has the right amount of sunlight!


Catafarm to Fork


Basil is the soul of pesto and what's better than a fresh soul

Margherita Pizza

Freshly harvested basils bring the Margherita Pizza to the next level of 'so simple but so good'

Thai Basil Pork

Add as much basils as you want into this dish from your limitless basil bushes